Buy #1 Automated Curtains Dubai

Automated curtains Dubai are the best choice for your place if you want full control over your home’s privacy. We provide a fully remote control system in our curtains so you can control your curtains by a wall switch, remote, mobile phone, and via google assistant.

Our Automated Motorized Curtains Dubai also contains a timer system, so it allows you to open or close your curtains when you are away from your place. Now with the help of our advanced system, your children can also control heavy curtains and can maintain privacy in your absence. If you want a smart and modern home, then our automated curtains Dubai & Abu Dhabi help you to achieve your goal related to your home.

Variety On Our Automated Curtains Dubai

Everybody wants to decorate its house in the best form. If you are doing the interior decor of your house and want to select the best curtains, then our Automated Curtains Dubai & Abu Dhabi will prove best for you. Our curtains can also be the best option for you if you want to renovate your home because we provide a number of different styles in our Automated window curtains so you can select any one of them for your place, and can make your place wonderful.

We have almost 500 different fabrics so you can choose the fabric according to your sofas, carpets, and wall paints. If you love the combination of curtains and blinds, then our automated blackout curtains can set best with your favorite blinds. So you can choose any of your favorite Automated Curtains in Abu Dhabi from our intensive collection of curtains.

Premium Somfy Curtains Dubai Gallery

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Benefits of Our Automated Curtains Dubai 

We are supplying the best quality curtains along with top-class curtain tracks so you get full comfort from our curtains. Quality curtain tracks are necessary for the smooth functioning of our Automated curtain in Dubai.

  • Move with silence

If you are a peace-loving person, then our curtains are the smart choice for you because they don’t produce even a single noise when you open or close them. Because our automated curtains Dubai are controlled by Somfy motors, that’s why they last for a long time.

  • Protection and privacy

We introduced the latest feature of light sensors in our curtains so that when light reaches your curtains, they automatically get open and protect your furniture from ultraviolet rays. In this way, they give your place complete privacy.

  • Adjustable Speed

If you select our advanced technology curtain rails for your automated fire curtains, then you can control the opening and closing speed of your curtains. It can create your dream environment in your room.

  • Single App control

Now you can operate all automatic devices such as doors, windows, blinds, andAutomated Curtains Abu Dhabi with our Somfy remote. You can also operate our app with your smartphone. To buy our wonderful curtains, you can visit our store or can order us online.